Color of the Year — you guessed it

Dear orange, Orange, ORANGE: you can call yourself “Living Coral” all you want, but I still see you!

What a cruel trick to play on my orange-weary psyche — you go and get yourself named the Pantone color of the year for 2019 using an alias, an also known as, a fake name — you clever color, you. However, that old adage is true: a tiger can’t change his <orange> stripes. I. Still. See. You.

Pantone picks ‘humanizing’ color as 2019 color of the year

Now that I understand what I’m up against– a conspiracy of orange/living coral/tangerine/pumpkin/salmon or whatever you are calling yourself today and the world-wide marketing reach of Pantone, (the greatest color arbiter in the world)— I vow to conquer you in 2019, embrace you as my friend, and win this struggle using love, not hate.

I will make you into a carrot, just you wait and see.