Turkey Table Topper – A Free Pattern

It’s the last day of October and Thanksgiving is fast approaching!

Need a quick turkey table topper?  Give Sandy’s “Garrett Gobble” pattern a try!  He’s a cutie and is made from a extra scraps we all have on hand.  I like his embroidered little turkey feet.IMG_4467[1]The finished table topper measures 30 inches x 30 inches.  The pattern is made with (36) 5.5 inch squares but left over charm squares would also work great.  IMG_4482[1] You can download the pattern by clicking on this link:

Garret X. Gobble Jr. Table Topper 10 09 18


We’ll sign off for today by sharing some fall color inspiration from the farm.  Have a great weekend!IMG_4726

Sadie’s Charm – A Free Quilt Pattern

Happy Monday!  It’s Cindy reporting in from Ohio where it’s snowy and cold!

We are very lucky to have a Miniature Schnauzer named Sadie Sue.  She likes to snuggle under blankets and quilts in this cold weather.  I was working on this quilt design and she decided to come over and give me an hand…I mean paw!


Here she is again, giving me a look that says, “Hand over the quilt NOW and no one gets hurt!”


So…I decided to name this free quilt pattern after my sweet little Schnauzer…it’s officially called “Sadie’s Charm Quilt”.


My dear friend, MJ, gave me several partial charm square packages from different fabric lines.  At first, I wasn’t sure what to do with all these different colors and prints but then decided to just throw caution to the wind and sew them all together.

I used a burgundy inner border to pick up on all the burgundies in the charm squares.  I decided to use a small floral print for the outer border to tie in the dark colors in the charm squares and the various shades of orange, blue, burgundy and green.  I will be binding this in burgundy after it’s quilted.

You can download this free pattern by clicking on this link:

Sadies Charm 01 20 19

Sandy and I will also be posting this pattern to the FaveQuilts website.  Take a look at all the free quilt patterns on this site.  Each week, you will find new quilting inspiration whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced quilter.  Another great option is to sign up for their FREE newsletter.  Click HERE to subscribe to free quilt patterns that are delivered to your email inbox.

Send us your photos of your own “Sadie’s Charm Quilt”!  We would love to see them!

Garden Gate Charm – Free Pattern

A new pattern just in time for spring!  We like to use pre-cuts because they save time.  Pre-cuts are also an economical way to use all the colors and prints in an entire fabric line.  We were attracted to this fabric line because of the red/teal combination and the garden theme.  A cute quilted flower design is a nice finish for all you flower lovers out there!


In addition to posting this free pattern Garden Gate Charm 03 14 17_final on our blog, we will also be posting it to the FaveQuilts website.

FaveQuilts is our go-to destination for quilting inspiration. When we first started blogging and quilting, we happened upon their website and signed up for their newsletter Piecing it  Together. Every day since we have received a world of new patterns and techniques all delivered to our inbox!

If you live in a rural area or lead a busy life, it might be hard to join a quilting group and FaveQuilts can serve as your own personal quilting group!  They have introduced us to new techniques and ideas about the huge world of quilting, from hand piecing, to applique techniques to paper piecing. We have met so many wonderful designers and bloggers because of Fave Quilts.   We love it!


We borrowed a neighbor’s windmill to stage the above photo…you can see the iron shadows in the background.  While there is not a lot of green right now, we know spring will be here soon!  If you get started now, your Garden Gate Charm Quilt will be ready just in time for a picnic or your front porch swing!

Candy Under Wraps Quilt

Now that we all have our fabrics, let’s cut and sew our candies!  I think these  KONA cotton solids in pastel colors are a perfect match for my Desert Sand fabric.


You will need 36 charm squares to make 36 candies.  Cut each charm square as noted below. Charm Cut

Check out my pile of scraps!  Sandy will love some of these tiny pieces!  She will get a tiny piece care package in the mail sometime soon!


Now that all my candies are cut out, I have larger left over pieces from my charm squares that I am going to  save for another project.  I decided to put them in a plastic sandwich bag with the label to help me stay organized!


Grab your white fabric because the next step in our candy making process is to cut out 144 white squares that measure  1.5 inches x 1.5 inches.  Here is the cutting diagram for you to use:

Square cuts for candies

Yay!  Cutting is done for now!  Let’s start sewing!  Here is what you should have for each candy:

Candy Center:  1 rectangle that measures 3.5 inches long x 2 inches high

Candy Ends:  2 rectangles that measure  2 inches long x 1.5 inches high and 4 white squares that measure 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches.

We sew the candy ends first. With a pencil draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the white square and pin it to the right side of one of the candy end rectangles that measures 2 inches long x 1.5 inches high.


Next, sew on the diagonal pencil line and trim the seam to 1/4 inch.


Press the seam toward the white fabric.


Next, grab another white square, draw a diagonal from corner to corner and sew it to the left side of the rectangle.


Trim the seam to 1/4 inch


Press the seam toward the white.  Your candy end should look like the photo below – it’s called a “Flying Geese” unit.  Make two of these flying geese units for each candy.


For each flying geese unit, we only need 1/4 inch of white fabric above the blue triangle so we have to trim off some of the white fabric.

Flying Geese Cut

With your ruler, measure 1/4 inch above each triangle and trim the white fabric as shown below:


Next, with right sides together, pin your two flying geese units to each end of the 3.5 inch x 2 inch rectangle that is your candy center.


Using 1/4 inch seam allowance sew the flying geese units to the candy center. Your candy should look like this:


Next, press the seams toward the candy center.  The back of your candy will look like this:


The front of your candies will look like this:





Hooray!  You’ve just completed one candy!  Now you get to make 35 more for a total of 36 candies!  Here are mine, I had fun making piles!




Have fun making your candy piles!  Next week, we will continue cutting and sewing to make larger four candy blocks.