County Fair Extraordinaire

Hello!  It’s Cindy hosting the blog today.

Last week, the Delaware County Fair was in progress here in Central Ohio and even with temperatures in the 90’s (not to mention the humidity level), it was a lot of fun!

Of course I have a quilt report for you!  Here are some highlights:

The fabrics in this quilt spoke to me!  The hand quilting made it even more special and as you can see, the judges thought so too!

These poinsettias were lovely and the applique was something I can only aspire to!  Check out the cute little french knots in the center.


This quilt with batik fabric stems and leaves was just incredible!  I could have studied it for hours, admiring the fabrics, the colors and the quilting.

I’m working on my own “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” quilt and so I spent time studying this.  I always appreciate the antique quilt entries because we have so much to learn from the quilters of days gone by.


These embroidered blocks were beautiful on their own, but adding them to a quilt made them even more special.  The outline quilting was precise and must have taken a lot of time.


Moving on to the knitting section, how pretty is this?


What’s a county fair without agricultural products?  Baked potatoes, anyone?


These were pretty, stuffed peppers for dinner?


How cute is this pumpkin pig???  Very creative!


How about this teal pumpkin with bling?  Very cute and a real eye catcher!


Well, this concludes my Delaware County Fair Extraordinaire tour for 2018.  I hope it inspires your creativity in quilting, cooking or crafting!

Have a great week!



A Quilting Story, 2018 Edition

In my November 27, 2017 post, I shared with you “A Quilting Story”.  Each year, my guild makes a quilt to give to a family receiving a Habitat for Humanity sponsored home.

On Saturday, we met to compile our latest creation for a soon to be new home owner.  We always have so much fun mixing and matching fabrics, houses, trees and community buildings.  Below are some highlights:

Isn’t this fabric perfect for a church?


I love the color combinations in this house!  I don’t think my husband will agree to an orange house…but maybe a door?  Hmmmmm.


Rick rack makes a nice gutter along the roof (sorry, contractor-speak) and how about this cute, color coordinated chimney?


The bark on this tree looks like the real deal!


Party pennants or laundry?  I say we go with party pennants!


Another cute gutter along the roof again…AND what’s not to love about lace shutters?


Nice tree in the back yard…I’m thinking lemonade in the shade!


The school looks like it’s ready for business!


Here’s a bird’s eye view of our community in progress.  We always add three layers of 3 1/2 x 6 1/2 inch “bricks” around the outside edge for more color and texture.


After a flurry of sewing and re-arranging, the quilt top is now headed to a long arm for quilting.

I’ll be sure to share the final version with you before this charming quilt finds a forever home!