Charming Addition for Hubby

I subscribe to a few quilting magazines, how about you?  I leave them around the house for inspiration and then after awhile, I give them away to quilting friends.  The December 2012 edition of American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine featured a quilt pattern called Charming Addition.


“Charming Addition” Quilt made by Cindy

My husband spotted this quilt pattern and suggested I make one.  At first, the quilt looked easy but then as I read through the instructions, I realized how complicated it would be to lay out all those plus signs!  AND I had to cut out hundreds (yes hundreds!!) of squares from my stash…gasp!  I gave a half hearted “someday” reply and moved on to make other quilts.  But RK would not give up!  Every once in awhile he would come back to me and say “This quilt is really nice” or “Isn’t this beautiful?”  After finally taking a not so subtle hint I decided to make RK a quilt for Christmas using fabrics that represent our life together (Schnauzer included!)


Sadie Sue loves Charming Addition!  Haircut scheduled for Wednesday!

I began to search for fabrics that had meaning to both of us and secret messages from me.  For example, RK is my prince charming so I had to include this crown fabric!


And he is the apple of my eye!


RK likes military planes and I was so happy to find this fabric!  We frequent the The National Museum for the United States Air Force.


Every spring, we hunt for Morel Mushrooms, so mushroom fabric was a must!  By the way, RK won first place for men and I won first place for women in the 54th Annual National Mushroom Hunting Championship in Boyne City, Michigan a few years ago.  You can read about the festival here.  We had so much fun and it’s our claim to fame… but that’s a story for another time!


We always have fun at Buckeye Football and Basketball games!


RK is a rock collector, as in boulders!  Our yard has many a boulder just waiting for a permanent home somewhere on our property!  Needless to say, I seriously needed to find some rock fabric!


I enjoyed making this quilt for RK.  It was fun to shop for the fabrics and I was actually very organized in how I cut my fabrics into squares.  I stacked and layered my cut squares in shoe boxes and used blank, white paper to separate my layers.  I used wool batting and a warm, navy blue flannel for the backing.  Now that it’s getting colder outside, it’s time to bring out this beauty and snuggle by the fire!